You like creating art and have a bunch of designs that you don’t know what to with except share on Facebook. Perhaps you have even submitted your designs to daily t-shirt sites like TeeFury and RIPT. They sell your design on a t-shirt for a day or two and then…

Well, I recommend continuing to sell your designs and here are five platforms that I regularly promote that allow you to sell your designs on t-shirts and other items. I understand that it takes skill and hard work to create art and I don’t want to suggest that it is easy money but once you have uploaded your designs you could potentially be creating a passive income stream for years to come. The exposure might also get your designs curated from other daily sites.

Note: While these sites sell items other than t-shirts I will focus on the t-shirts as that is what I do.

5 Websites to Sell Pop Culture T-Shirts

1. TeePublic


TeePublic is my favorite store because they, like me, focus on t-shirts although they are gradually expanding into other items. From an affiliate point of view, TeePublic is very helpful and I have heard a lot of praise from the artists too. (A quick shout out to Jerzy. You’re awesome, thanks!) TeePublic was created by the people from College Humor who run Busted Tees which already has a huge customer base and from what I hear, the growth at TeePublic has been phenomenal.

They pay you $4 for every t-shirt sold at full price ($20) and $2 at the sale price ($14).

Links: TeePublic | Apply to TeePublic

2. RedBubble


RedBubble has been around much longer than TeePublic and is very popular with artists. They sell a huge selection of items from t-shirts to greeting cards and from duvet covers to phone cases.

You can choose the commission rate on top of the base price. A dark unisex adult tee is $22.50 (which is already more expensive than TeePublic’s full price) and I have noticed that most artists sell their tees for just under $30. That’s about $7 commission per shirt. Nice. And just because the t-shirts are more expensive doesn’t mean you won’t sell as many.

Links: RedBubble | Apply to Redbubble

3. Design by Humans

Design by Humans
Design by Humans

I remember when Design by Humans launched. It was originally a t-shirt contest site like Threadless that specialized in huge and creative prints using lots of specialized techniques. In fact, you couldn’t really appreciate how awesome they were before you had the t-shirts in your hands. My better half still has one t-shirt that used two different types of ink and some embroidery. And while I miss those t-shirts and it’s a pity that that model was so difficult to sustain, Design by Humans is still a great place to get t-shirts. They also sell a variety of clothing, art prints, and phone cases.

They pay $3 per shirt sold.

Links: Design by Humans | Submit to Design by Humans

4. Society6


My image of Society6 as a place to buy posters and prints still persists despite the fact that they sell a variety of products such as stationery, mugs, leggings and even tapestries. Yes, they sell t-shirts.

They pay out $2.20 per shirt sold.

Links: Society6 | Submit to Society6

5. NeatoShop


NeatoShop is the retail arm of Neatorama, a blog that wants to tell you about all the neat stuff in the world, or at least the world wide web. They sell lots of stuff, but I think art submissions are restricted to t-shirts. You need to contact them via email.

I believe it’s about $3 for a full price shirt ($19.95) and $1 for the sale price but don’t quote me on this.

Links: NeatoShop | Submit to NeatoShop

Bonus: Threadless Artist Shops

Threadless Artist Shops

Threadless is the original crowdsourcing t-shirt website and not that long ago they introduced a new option for artists. And that is a free store for selling your designs on t-shirts and other items. It’s pretty cool.

Links: ThreadlessOpen an Artist Shop

If you have any questions or comments please post below.

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16 thoughts on “5 Websites to Sell Pop Culture T-Shirts”

  1. Great roundup! It’s awesome how more and more popular things that used to be considered geeky are nowadays. Thanks for sharing these places to grab shirts!

    1. Actually ShirtBattle is not really another option in this case. These are places where you can sell your t-shirts on a more permanent basis and you can choose what to sell for the most part. Whereas ShirtBattle is more like TeeFury and RIPT as far as I can see.

  2. We also love new artist! We pay $5 per sale for exclusive designs for us, and $2.50 of each sale for any other shirt you sell on our site. 🙂 We treat our artists right…because we are all artists too!

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