About the Shirt List

The Shirt List is a collection of the best t-shirts in the world. The Shirt List launched in early 2010 and has grown steadily since then. We take care not to have duplicate shirts so you don’t have to wade through pages and pages of the same design to find what you are looking for. We show photos of actual t-shirts or images that show realistically how the t-shirt will look rather than just the designs. And the Shirt List is organized in such a way as to make it easy to find the perfect t-shirt.

Find that t-shirt

We have an amazing search engine and we are constantly working to improve the quality of the results. It is simply the easiest way to find what you are looking for. For example, imagine you wanted a zombie t-shirt, just search zombie.  Or perhaps you want a zombie t-shirt from the Threadless store, just search zombie Threadless. It’s that easy.

T-Shirt Lists
Every T-Shirt is on multiple lists

But there’s more. Every shirt is part of a list. Actually, every shirt is part of multiple lists. So if you find a shirt you like you can scroll down the page and just under the t-shirt you should see a box with the list names. If you want to check out other tees from this designer, or from this store it’s easy.

Related Shirts
The Shirt List suggests some similar t-shirts


The Shirt List also suggests a few other similar shirts for you. We’re not trying to take the fun out of browsing, we’re just trying to help you find that perfect t-shirt.

Help People Find Your T-Shirt

At a basic level, this website is an ever-expanding t-shirt list. But really it is much more than that. It is an ever-expanding collection of t-shirt lists. People love lists and people love t-shirts so what could be better. Shirts are listed by theme, artist, and store and as the number of t-shirts grows so too will the number of lists.


If you are a t-shirt store owner or you know of a t-shirt that you want to tell people about you can submit it here and it will be added to the top of the lists. If you are a designer or a store owner you can have your list pages changed to a profile page. See Goodie Two Sleeves profile page for an idea. (Read the conditions carefully though.)

Advertise on the Shirt List

Ad Placement on the Shirt List

You can now reach an even greater audience by advertising on the Shirt List. You can promote your brand cheaply and easily alongside your competitors’ t-shirts. See the Advertise Page for more details.

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If you love t-shirts you know the Shirt List will keep you up to date and we have made it very easy to follow us. Whether you prefer email, Facebook, Twitter or RSS, we have you covered. Check out the details below.

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Nearly every week we send out a newsletter with our 10 favorite t-shirts from the previous week as well as other cool information about the t-shirt industry. Click The Shirt List Newsletter Archives to see some examples. This is also the best way to find out about changes and improvements to the Shirt List.

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This is the most powerful and versatile feature here on the Shirt List. You can subscribe to the Comprehensive RSS feed so you can see almost everything that is going on here on the Shirt List but we know some people don’t want to follow only certain activities here on the Shirt List. For you people, you are in luck. Here are some options:

Wait! There is more. You can subscribe to any individual t-shirt list you want. You can subscribe to a color, a store, a designer, a tag or even a price! For example:

  1. Stylin Online T-Shirts RSS (Ript T-Shirt List)
  2. The Big Bang Theory T-Shirts RSS (The Big Bang Theory T-Shirts List)
  3. Justin White T-Shirts RSS (Justin White T-Shirts List)

They are just some example but if you look at the left-hand corner just above the t-shirts on the list pages you will see a small RSS icon and if you click that you can subscribe to that list’s RSS feed. It’s as simple as that!

How to subscribe to lists on the Shirt List
You can easily subscribe to any list on the Shirt List