Best T-Shirts of 2020

To celebrate the Amazon Prime Anniversary, Shirt.Woot has a lot going on. One of my favorite deals is a celebration of the best t-shirts of 2020. One of my favorites is actually the Shirt.Woot Best Seller of the Year. It is the Quarantine Festival Remix t-shirt. It’s a musical festival parody t-shirt by artist sheepmerch.

The design features musical artists like:

  • Couch Test Dummies
  • The Coughspring
  • The Indoors
  • Pandemic at the Disco
  • No Kids on the Block
  • Flu Fighters
  • No Cure
  • Miley Virus
  • Men out of Work
  • Depressed Mode
  • Billy Idle
  • No-Tan Clan
  • Pearl Jammies
  • System of Lockdown

This shirt not only looks good, but it also sums up 2020. So, it is no wonder it is the Shirt.Woot best-selling t-shirt of 2020. It’s available for $15 on a t-shirt at the moment.

The Design of the Year is a shirt called “Like Magic, But Real” by artist BooA. I can’t help but think that this is a subtle dig and people who doubt science. There were a lot of science skeptics coming out of the woodwork to spread COVID-19 last year. Of course, it’s possible that it is just a bit of light-hearted fun. To be honest, I’m not all that convinced that science actually isn’t magic.

You can also get this shirt for just $15 at the moment but I would hurry.

The Artist of the Year award went to DoodleToots. You’ll find a selection of DoodleToots t-shirts on the Shirt List and you might notice that they are all Shirt.Woot! t-shirts. If you are a fan of Star Wars, the Mandalorian, Harry Potter, or Among Us, then DoodleToots has a Woot Shirt for you.

Check these and more out at Shirt.Woot!

The New Artist of the Year award went to Noemi Fadda aka NemiMakeit. Be sure to check out the NemiMakeIt interview.

NemiMakeIt has been doing very well on Shirt.Woot! so it’s no surprise that she received this honor. Check out the many NemiMakeIt t-shirts on Shirt.Woot! This is one of my favorites below.

Krittikae won the award for Most Congenial Artist. Check out Krittikae’s t-shirt on Shirt.Woot!

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