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  1. This shirt is incorrect. The player character in the Legend of Zelda games is called Link. Zelda, on the other hand, is the princess, NOT the green-outfitted hero. This is a common misperception because the series is NOT named after the player character. The shirt should say “What if Link was a girl?”

    1. You obviously haven’t played a legend of zelda game to understand this shirt. The game is called ‘The legend of ZELDA’ but you play as a male character hence people thought the male character’s name was ZELDA. This T-shirt shouldn’t say “What if Link was a girl” because its TROLLING EVERYONE!

    2. Boiii that’s the joke. The humor of it makes people confused.

  2. You do know Zelda is a girl right? I’m just ganna take it that this shirt was ironically made due to it being a common misconception people make.

    1. Yes, that is exactly right. This shirt is trolling at expert levels.

  3. I know you probably get this a lot. and if not, I hope you do. You people are fucking idiots.

    1. If you mean the shirt, their trolling and you’re an idiot, if you mean the commentors, then yes, their idiots.

        1. Your write they’re our weigh two many idiots that didn’t no between there and there.

  4. …
    You do know that Zelda IS a girl
    Because the person you’ve just drawn as a girl
    HIS name is LINK.

  5. I am rather sure that the artist is trolling. I like the shirt, and I find it funny.

  6. You guys are so fucking stupid. That was intended -_-. They PURPOSELY wrote Zelda instead of Link. It’s called comedy.

          1. Yes, and this was intended to make people LAUGH because for anyone who frequents the internet often encounters people mixing up zelda and link. Satire. A form of comedy. Thanks for proving by explaining comedy.

  7. if this is the supposed to be a joke, then the artist did a poor job of showing it. He has to make the satire much more apparent if he wants to get his point across and ironically sell this to people. From face value it just looks like he thinks zelda is a boy, and there’s nothing really funny about it. There’s no true reason, funny or otherwise, for people to buy this shirt. It just ain’t funny.

    1. How is it not clear? Do you not understand how underlining works? The important parts of the exaggeration in this joke are underlined for your benefit. Zelda, being the wrong name for the character in question in this shirt, and girl, being the wrong gender to ask this question about if we were actually talking about Zelda. If this was said out loud those two words would be said with emphasis in a mocking manner in order to further illustrate the ridiculousness of the question. I find this shirt to very clearly communicate what it intends to communicate.

      1. The reason it’s so poorly done is because they put a female version of link on the shirt… it would be a better troll if they put the male version of link on there and then people would say, “oh yeah, what if Zelda WAS a girl???” the way it’s done now makes it look like the creator of this shirt really thinks that characters name is Zelda, and therefore, it’s not funny. It’s not even a troll. It’s stupid.

        1. Someone hasn’t heard of the “What if Zelda was a girl” meme…

        2. You clearly don’t understand how trolling or comedy work. You’re also devastatingly stupid.

  8. This is a fantastic shirt. Anyone that’s talked to people who don’t know much about the game will get a kick out of this.

    The fact that so many people don’t realize this is a troll makes the shirt just a little bit better.

  9. Guys… You missed the joke. The shirt says Zelda on purpose. You’ve been trolled by a shirt. Please put your helmets back on…

  10. “zelda is a girl dumbass” dude, that’s the entire point of the shirt, that’s the joke.

  11. By the gods, you people are dense.

    Yes, this shirt amusing because it’s mocking the common misconception that Zelda is the person you play as. Essentially making fun of “casual” gamers who pretend to know anything about video games.

    The reason this shirt is amusing is because people will immediately get trolled by it. All you people who didn’t get the joke… It’s because YOU are the punchline.

  12. zelda was originally the male protagonists name
    you’ve all been doublefaginia’d.

  13. Ironic shitposting is still shitposting. This is not funny not even a “lol guys I troll u, so funny”. Someone playing to be retarded doesn’t change he is being retarded for the moment. In fact, this “troll intend” is so poorly elaborated that makes me think the author didn’t know they main character was Link and just said the “I’m trolling” as scapegoat.

    1. You are one of the dumbest human beings to have ever existed. Congratulations.

  14. I don’t even want to be a Zelda fan anymore…you guys are taking the shirt and the game way too seriously if you don’t see the comedy here.

  15. IT DOESNT WORK… People say that this tee is trolling everyone but it doesn’t come across that way. It just makes the creator look stupid and makes it as if they’re trying to cover the mistake that was made in the 1st place… MORON

    1. Except that it works perfectly because it baits dumbasses like you into posting dumbass comments like this one. MORON.

    2. The mere fact that you are mad about this shirt makes it successful.

    3. What you don’t realize is that this has been a running gag on the internet *cough* 4chan *cough* for a long time. It isn’t a mistake, and you and everyone else on here bitching about it are the ones who look stupid.

  16. Forget the trolling, this is some of the worst Photoshop work I’ve seen in decades, bar none.

  17. It’s amazing just how many people don’t get the joke. You guys are amazing. I am so getting this shirt. x)

  18. This image sums up many of the comments here:

    Trolling or not, it’s a geeky joke….it’s NOT “what if Link is a girl” because the game is called “Legend of ZELDA” and yet, you play as a male.

    It’s a trolling shirt and by god, it’s certainly getting people riled up with rage.

  19. At one point the TheShirtList said that this was “the opposite of comedy because that makes people laugh and this makes people rage.” But it made me laugh really hard at their rage, so it’s kinda both.

    1. Hahah I would buy that shirt. This art seems too depressing to wear. No Master sword or shield pfft.

  20. Everyone who is so convinced that this is a great joke should buy this t-shirt and wear it to gaming conventions. After a few hours of telling people ‘that’s the joke’ I’m sure you’ll still feel like the smartest person in the room.

    That’s the troll.

    1. Most people going to gaming conventions are going to get this joke. The rest won’t be able to see the shirt around their protective head gear.

  21. Zelda is the girl! I can’t believe you didn’t even know that before making this shirt. If you love the game enough to make a shirt, shouldn’t you know that Zelda is the girl in the game?!? I just don’t get some people.

  22. This shirt is dumb. I totally get that its a joke but its a stupid joke.

    1. You’re confused. Samus is a robot, just like Halo.

  23. If Link were a girl, I’m pretty sure he would still be able to fire a bow properly. This chick looks like an idiot.

  24. Jokes are supposed to be funny. Simply stating or implying factually incorrect data is not sufficient to make a joke. I’ll demonstrate:

    “What if computers had RAM?”
    “The sun is made of Kool-aid.”

    These are not funny.

    Stating factually incorrect data to form a joke requires a subtle nod to the existence of a popular stereotype or common knowledge, often to levels to create absurdities. Things like:

    “We never landed on the sun!” – Makes fun of the Moon Hoax people by getting the facts of the claim wrong.
    “Try This: Put a magnet on your head. Result: Bullets shot at you will be attracted to the magnet, completely protecting you from harm. Why hasn’t the military thought of this?!” – Troll science/physics. Funny because of the absurdity and making fun of people’s general lack of physics knowledge.
    “I think Halo is a pretty cool guy. He fights giant monsters and doesn’t afraid of anything!” – Implying childish-level appreciation of the game one is playing to generate implied knowledge that is untrue because one is not paying close attention (namely: that the title of the game is always the name or title of the main character).

    These are funny.

    This shirt is attempting to troll and doing a bad job of it. Whether you are a disinterested person or a person who is offended enough to respond (this reaction being the purpose of trolling), the reaction is identical save for the intensity:

    Disinterested person: “Zelda is a girl.”
    Offended person: “ZELDA IS A GIRL!”

    Neither is a mirthful response, so it can’t be a joke. I look forward to counter-arguments to explain the humor here.

    1. You’re clearly one of those people who doesn’t understand sarcasm. It’s okay, your brain is missing some circuits.

      You also don’t understand analogy, so let _me_ demonstrate. This shirt isn’t like “What if computers had RAM?,” it’s like a picture of a computer running Windows Vista with the caption “Mac OS X.” It isn’t like “The sun is made of Kool-Aid” (you really are stupid, aren’t you?), it’s like “What if the Earth went around the Sun?”

      Even with your obvious mental deficiency (don’t worry, it’s pretty common) you should at least be able to understand how the construction works. Pathetic.

      1. There we have it, ladies and gentlemen! I present to you, exhibit A, “Former Nintendo Fan”.

        This person is an excellent example of those on the internet who apparently get sexual pleasure from berating the mental capabilities of people who do not think or believe the same things they do. Thank you for demonstrating, FNF. Further demonstrations welcome, just hit the reply button. Next time try using a racial slur or Nazi comparison, that always keeps conversations on track.

        As for the content of your response: your analogy is incomplete. It would be more accurate to this situation if it was a picture of a PC running Windows Vista, and the caption read “What if you could run Windows on a Mac?” The answer would be roughly equivalent in nature to the responses of this t-shirt: “You can. Been possible for years.” I still hold that this t-shirt is not funny because the subtly necessary to turn this from an intentional error into a joke is not present as I indicated with some of my positive joke examples.

        1. This is always the result with people like you. I try to give you a break by merely pointing out that you have a particular, scientifically verified deficiency and you have to go two steps further by proving that no, you’re just idiots.

          You don’t understand analogies, you don’t understand this t-shirt, and I’d be blown away ( if you understood anything else at all.

          Your stupidity is truly staggering.

          1. Ha ha, tell it again, Bro! Call me a moron or idiot again! Keep telling the dozens of people on this post they’re all idiots. It’s hilarious!

            Almost as funny as this t-shirt.

  25. I’d buy the shirt if it said “Zelda is a girl, you dumbass” on the back.

  26. This thread is the best thing in the history of ALL THE THINGS. Comic gold.

  27. So basically for this to work, someone has know that the joke is wrong and point it out. In other words, if someone actually falls for the joke, the intended joke doesn’t work. Pretty sure that’s the opposite of how a joke is supposed to work.


  28. Im not sure that is a joke, i honestly think the people that made the shirt are stupid.

    1. AND THEN THE LAST HORSE CROSSED THE FINISHLINE for the joke sailed over its head entirely.

      In other words, you lack the brain cells needed to get the humor this was poking at.

      1. This is literally true. Dwight House suffers from this affliction himself, which is caused by limited or missing function of portions of the brain. It’s common in people who have suffered severe head trauma, thus incurring brain damage, and conservatives, who apparently are born brain damaged.

        Of course they’re going to whine that we’re calling names, but this is actually science.

        So next time you’re talking to someone who says sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, just keep in mind that you’re talking to an idiot.

  29. Everyone would hate you if you wore that shirt. ignorance isn’t funny.

    1. Your existence is evidence to the contrary. You ignorant morons are fucking hilarious.

  30. Paying $30 for a poorly Photoshopped image of a t-shirt is the real joke here.

  31. FU you troll.

    It’s just a shirt, seriously people. Buy it or stfu.

  32. To the people saying, “That’s the joke”…

    …I think people are confused because IT’S NOT FUNNY.

    1. The joke is hilarious. If you don’t think so, that’s because (as others have already mentioned) you’re the punchline.

  33. Is it supposed to troll the people who bought it? Cause I got pissed off as soon as a saw it. “What if Zelda Was A Girl?” YEAH WHAT IF???

  34. NO…JUST NO. Whatever the intention of this whether it be trolling or some for of comedy that just isn’t funny or made by someone that is just plain a die hard Legend of Zelda fan(people damn well know the several problems with this, whether they were intentional or not) I say burn it. KILL IT WITH FECKING FIRE!!

  35. What if I raped and murdered your entire family?

    That joke is just about as funny.

    1. You think that because you’re a moron. The same reason that you don’t get this shirt.

  36. People don’t get that it is a joke because it is stupid and not funny.

    1. It’s okay, lots of people lack the necessary neural connections to interpret sarcasm, irony, etc. Most of them are of the lower mental classes (like Republicans), but some are merely the unfortunate recipients of blunt force trauma to the brain, such as victims of car accidents.

      This doesn’t mean that you can’t be good at other things, but you really need to understand the limits of your mental capabilities so that you can refrain from embarrassing yourself in public.

    1. It’s only a secret to idiots. I don’t see how it could get more obvious, but clearly there are a huge number of complete imbeciles on the Internet.

  37. Her head is inside the bow string…. I am pretty sure that’s not part of the joke.


  39. I have never met anyone who has played The Legend of Zelda game’s mistaken Link for Zelda… This shirt is dumb, not ironic. Wouldn’t surprise me if the creator of this shirt actually thinks Link is Zelda. /facepalm

  40. Seriously? *facepalm* ZELDA IS A GIRL, CAN’T YOU UNDERSTAND?
    The stupidity. It hurts.

  41. “This “female Zelda” is probably my most controversial work. Wear at your own risk.”

    People don’t get sarcasm.

  42. Uh, yea. This is the perfect shirt to wear to school. Even for those who know Zelda is not the guy on the shirt, it’s hilarious and fun to see people’s responses. You can see if they play the legend of zelda! ;D

  43. It should be legal to punch people who wear these T-shirts in public. x3

  44. just stubid -.- zelda is the princess and LInk is the knight

  45. I’m a fan of The Legend of Zelda series and i just have one thing to say. FIX THE SHIRT!!! I don’t care if it’s meant to be a joke, this an offence to the series and I will not stand for this. Don’t worry im not flaming, maybe a bit, but please why did this have to exist.

  46. For one, Zelda is a girl and for two the character you play as is named LINK!

  47. For one, Zelda is a girl and for two the character you play as is named LINK! you idiots

  48. my name is not Zelda. She is the princess that I saved a million times

  49. No matter how much you guys try to convince us otherwise, that may be “the joke” but it isn’t funny. And not even in that “this will confuse a lot of people” funny. But, just like, not very funny in the comedic sense. At all. Have fun with that though.

    1. Just because you don’t think it’s funny doesn’t mean it isn’t funny. It simply means that you don’t think it’s funny.

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