Sloppy Octopus is an online t-shirt store started by Anthony Perry in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. Sloppy Octopus sells original and unique designs that cannot be found anywhere else. There is a claim that they pioneered the concept of front and back joke t-shirts which I find dubious as I have seen front and back joke t-shirts since I was a child and Sloppy Octopus started in 2019. They specialize in designs oozing sexual innuendo but branch out into topical subjects like the current COVID-19 crisis, all the while keeping it light and humorous. Check out the Sloppy Octopus t-shirt review below.

You also like attractive, high-quality products that entertain while shying away from the toxic humor of politics, drugs, and violence.  You welcome a healthy sexual innuendo and are not overly offended by playful, suggestive, comedy that is never displayed in a gross or explicit fashion.

Anthony Perry

Sloppy Octopus T-Shirt Review

Anthony Perry, the founder of Sloppy Octopus, kindly sent over a t-shirt from New Orleans, U.S.A. to Okinawa, Japan for review during the COVID-19 crisis. Shipping took a bit longer than usual even though it was sent at a time when we didn’t even realize that it was going to get out of hand. This t-shirt is a 100% cotton white American Apparel t-shirt. It’s been a while since I saw an American Apparel t-shirt. It feels a little heavier than I remember. It’s still a nice t-shirt that looks like it won’t wrinkle much after a wash. It says “Made in the USA of US and imported materials.” on the label. That’s a change. The print is incredibly soft.

T-Shirt Design

The artwork is very professional and features three birds. The one in the middle is a rooster (cock) and the two on the left are boobies. Yes. Booby is the name of a bird. I had to check. So, you can probably figure out the joke. I find it amusing but now that I know what the joke is, I’m not sure I would want to wear this t-shirt in public. Where would I wear it? What if someone asked me to explain it? I would probably just say that I didn’t know what it meant rather than explain it and I might feel a bit embarrassed if someone got it and was wondering why I had a picture of a cock between two boobies on my t-shirt.

There is a Sloppy Octopus logo on the sleeve. I like the logo and the branding and while I am not usually a fan of logo t-shirts or overt self-promotion, I think it adds to the t-shirt.

Branding and Extras

As mentioned above, there is a logo on the t-shirt sleeve. It looks good. The American Apparel tags are still attached. There is a black and white Sloppy Octopus logo sticker on the mailer.


It’s mainly a t-shirt store but you can get a few other things like stickers, beach towels, mugs, and pillows. The website needs a bit of work but I will talk about that in the upcoming site review. (Stay tuned!)


At $24 including shipping, it’s a pretty good deal for an American Apparel graphic t-shirt.


It’s a good quality American Apparel white cotton t-shirt with a professional-looking design printed with super soft ink. The price including shipping is fair. It’s all good except the theme of the design is not for me. I’m sure there is a market for such a design, though.


Sloppy Octopus

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