Wayward SonsWayward Sons

A Supernatural t-shirt by Whitebison.
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  1. Carol anne kocian

    I am trying to purchase 4 more wayward sons supernatural T Shirts 1-M 2 L 1XL for my children I already recieved 2 Shirts in the mail. I have 6 children so in need of the shirts. Please help me get these ordered.The price states 10.00. My reciept from the other 2 shirts says 11.00 a piece Your price on this site states 10.00. I am a Widow woman trying to get clothing for my children. We are Survivors from the West Explosion , we were About3 to 400yds from the Explosion. So much of our our belongings were damaged and throwed away. Thankyou for your time. My email is REMOVED .

    1. The Shirt List doesn’t sell t-shirts. You must have bought it from TeeFury which sells t-shirts for only one day. They rarely do reprints but you might find this tee on another daily tee site sometime.
      My site just gives a price range. From $10.00 to $14.99.

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