omar of the wire mashup with "winter is coming"
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2 thoughts on “Omar Comin’ YO! T-Shirt”

  1. This is not a mashup with ‘Winter is coming’… I’m confused by the fact you know the quote from The Wire because were able to make this t-shirt but then don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s embarrassing. Also, why did you change the design to ‘Omar coming’ … not sure you watched The Wire. ‘Omar comin yo!’ is far more accurate. Also, why can’t I get the grey which is originally shown? I click buy now and it offers me a bunch of different colours and the design has changed..

    1. It is a mashup of “Winter is Coming” because that is what the artist said. Not the phrase necessarily but the promotional artwork for the TV show. When the t-shirt was removed from TeePublic I updated the link to RedBubble but I didn’t notice the difference. I’ll updated the image today. The phrase is the artist’s choice. I saw the Wire quite a few years ago so I don’t remember the exact phrasing but I remember the warning about Omar was shouted in several episodes from many people and I imagine that it’s possible that this phrase was also used. That will also explain why you can’t get the grey which is originally shown. I’m not at all embarrassed and you’re not at all as clever/well-informed as you think you are.

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