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22 thoughts on “I AM AN ARTIST – WILL NOT WORK FOR FREE T-Shirt”

  1. Ha Ha, I mean not that anyone is going to take the time to stop a person so they can read all that text, But it wiyld be more believable if it actually had some art and not look like it was done by an office secritary in Micro$uck word…

    1. I regularly put great t-shirts on the back of my chair in my studio. It dresses up the chair a little bit and gives me a laugh every time I walk in. Another favorite is “Step away from the beads and no one will get hurt”.

    2. Being a typesetter, Bob, there is a lot more art in the type layout of that shirt than what you can do in MS Word. That’s why I have trouble when working for people who don’t understand the process and think taking pictures should only cost $20 bucks while I bring in my hundreds of dollars worth of equipment to shoot it. They just don’t see the effort and thought that went into the layout of that shirt.

  2. If you are too lazy to read the shirt–then don’t bother. An artist designed it to get the point across and keep it simple. It’s a great shirt.

  3. Love this t-shirt!! I’m an artist and regularly do tradestands at horse shows etc and I think that t-shirt would be great to wear then as nobody appreciates artists and how hard they work and how little they earn. 😉

  4. www.ijsbeertje.com

    Hi, I placed this shirt on facebook because I as an artist totally agree with this message. I got a lot of responses from people, on where to buy it. So my question is, where to buy this shirt and in what sizes is it available, does it come in babysizes as well?

  5. You can buy it on our website at hesaidteeshed.com. Don’t forget to like our Facebook page at hesaidteeshed

    Thanks everyone 🙂

    1. Margaret, we are working on getting international orders up and running. Check our facebook for updates on this. hesaidteeshed

  6. I work at a hounted house and I LOVE how they have me come in at 3:30 for makeup, but don’t start the MINIMUM WAGE timeclock until 7, which is when the haunt opens. I should be paid from the time I put my costume on, to the time I take my latex off.

    1. Moe, I fully agree with you that’s 3 1/2 hrs and the makeup people are being paid I presume. Don’t know where you work, but I have a friend who works at Hangman’s in Dallas(?) If it’s a charity fundraiser, then maybe have a little bit of leniency with them.

  7. I was doing a job for free for a neighbor who asked me for the favor for a friend of their’s. Basically retyping and recreating an existing layout of a simple brochure. I wanted it to look better, so i chose on my own to redraw their logo so it would print better. When I was finished, I turned it over to my neighbor. Done. Then the neighbor came back and said her friend needed some pictures added. OK, I had to re-align the text a bit to find the space to insert the pictures, but after a couple of hours, I did it, no real sweat. Then a few days after that, they told the neighbor that they had sent the wrong pictures and wanted two others instead, which will not fit the existing layout without substantial reworking. I’m not being paid and after a month, they are impatient. Too bad, send money or wait until I can do it when I’m not trying to earn money.

  8. If you want to get paid to be an artist then you should create art people want to buy, not just whatever floats your boat. Just saying.

    1. @Jp: True art is what you HAVE TO create cause it’s inside you and has to be expressed. Otherwise it is not art. And things go completely wrong when something is considered art just because someone is willing to pay for it.

  9. I agree with Klara ,it is verry difficult to make a living out of art and dont get commercialized. But I’m alway ‘s verry happy when I sell a piece .
    It’s a great shirt , a great text , I fully agree ,

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