Dan Elijah Fajardo Interview

In this Dan Elijah Fajardo interview, dandingeroz (Dan Elijah Fajardo’s nickname) expresses his patriotism, his love of art and tells us about his favorite frothy brew.

Dan’s art is amazing. You don’t have to look at it closely to understand this fact. A simple glance is enough but I suggest that you do look closely in order to truly appreciate the talent this man has. There is a lot of talent coming out of the Philippines these days and while Dan may not be the most famous of them I think that his time may come and may come very soon.

Read on to see why we are considering renaming this site from theshirtlist.com to theshirtlisteroz.com.

– About the Man –

Am I right to guess that the dan part of dandingeroz is from your name. Where did the name dandingeroz come from?
Haha! You’re right man!
Back in college my friends used to call me “Danding” I added “eroz” to sound cool haha.

Take A Deep Breath T-Shirt Strike a Pose T-Shirt THE BEAT GOES ON T-Shirt Inner Child T-Shirt

I believe you are from the Philippines. What was the best thing about growing up there?
I’m so proud of my country! I believe it’s one of the best places in the world

What do you usually do in your free time? What are your other interests apart from art and design?
I sleep a lot in my free time! Watching movies, playing with my dogs

– About the Artist –

When did you realize that you were an artist?
Since I was a kid I knew back then that I want to be an artist someday. It all started when I was in grade school I used to draw in notebooks, paper, books etc.

Is art a big thing in your family?
YES!!!! My brothers and sisters can make art too!

Sound Illustration
Commissioned work  for UNO Magazine Guam

I know your art is available on prints and other items but it seems that your main focus is on t-shirt design. Apart from tees, are you involved in other art/design projects?
I am a full-time graphic artist here in Manila after my work I used to make t-shirt designs at home. I also do some freelance Illustrations for magazines, posters etc.

You are a master of the surreal in my opinion and while you branch out into other areas I have a feeling this is your favorite subject. Why do you think this is?
Every time I made a design I always want to came out a whimsical style and surreal ideas on my artwork I think I am good at that! lol

Where do you usually get your inspiration?
I get my inspiration from books, photography, movies, lyrics of a song etc.

Dan Elijah Fajardo Design Process
The design process of Dan Elijah Fajardo


Do you remember your first t-shirt contest win? If so, what was it and how did you feel?
Man it was like WHOAAAA!!! YESS!!! I’m totally overwhelmed!!!!
Its was my first collaboration with my good friend Dzeri29
INDUSTRY VS.ECOLOGY printed by Design by Humans.

Dan Elijah Fajardo’s first winning design was a collaboration with Dzeri29

Although I have seen your Incredible Hulk submission at Threadless, you seem to rarely branch out into the pop culture field. Is this a conscious decision?
I think it depends on my mood If I want to make a pop culture designs or other style.

Of the tees that you designed which is your favorite?
I really like my CAT SHIRT DESIGN

Wild Cat T-Shirt

Do you wear the t-shirts that you have designed?

Have you seen somebody wearing one of your tees in the real world?


Where would you like to visit?


Which tee designer(s) do you admire the most?
All the Filipino artists! We have a group here called FOTAH stands for (Filipino Organization Tee-Designers AHddict)

Dan Elijah Fajardo collaborated with Jerry Maninang aka dzeri29 for this design

Have you done any collaborations for t-shirts? If so, who and what did you design? If not, who would you like to collaborate with?
I’d love to do collaborations with some other artists around the world. I have TWO SHIRT DESIGNS printed that are a collaboration with my good friend Dzeri29

Who would you like to see featured on the Shirt List next?
Dzeri29, NICEBLEED, Studio8worx, AJ Dimarucot, Song23, Pinkstorm,


What design trends have made you go WTF?
ZOMBIES? Because I didn’t know how to draw them! LOL

Any advice for other designers/artists?
Just go with the flow! Believe in yourself and Don’t stop believin! YEAH!


What’s your favorite beer?
RED HORSE BEER (local brand of beer here in the Philippines)

What languages do you speak?
English, Filipino (Tagalog)

Dan Elijah Fajardo on the web: Tumblr | Twitter | Facebook | Behance

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