T-Shirt Artist Interviews

T-Shirts don’t grow on trees. They are plentiful though as you can see here on the Shirt List. The lists of tees and new tees never seems to end. Where are they coming from and who designs them. Who sells them? Well, read these interviews to find the answers to those questions and more. The tee biz folk are an eclectic bunch and thanks to the interwebs we are able to communicate with these fine artists, artisans and other cool dudes and dudettes from all over the world. Check out these t-shirt artist interviews to get a look in the window of the t-shirt world. It might not always be pretty but it will always be interesting.

Nemons Thumbnail

Nemons Interview

Nemons keeps his real identity a secret but being the super sleuth that I am I was very soon able to discover it. And I …

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Vincent Trinidad

Vincent Trinidad Interview

Vincent Trinidad (or VP021) hails from the Philippines. He loves nature, art, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Well, he grew up with them and …

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Pinteezy Thumbnail

Pinteezy Interview

Delfo Pinto aka Pinteezy hails from Groningen in the Netherlands. He’s an artist and a musician. In other words, he does for a living what …

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Kellabell9 Thumbnail

Kellabell9 Interview

Kelly Frye Larson was born just south of Scranton, Pennsylvania, where Jim and Pam from the Office live and work. Well, technically they are fictional …

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Ddjvigo Interview

Ddjvigo is two brothers from Galicia, Spain: Denís Orio Ibáñez and his brother Alfonso Ibáñez (or perhaps Alfonso Orio Ibáñez, I’m not sure about Spanish naming conventions). As of this …

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Mdk7 Interview

Marco Mottura aka Mdk7 is a gamer and editor for IGN Italy. Nice work if you can get it. I would like to note that he speaks …

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Cory Freeman Thumbnail

Cory Freeman Interview

Cory Freeman hails from Central Wisconsin but has just moved to the Windy City where he will get hitched (or has got hitched, depending on …

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Ninjaink Interview

Timothy Lim is an audiologist. That means he spends a lot of time looking in people’s ears. He uses art to escape from the horrors …

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DiHA Self-Portrait

DiHA Interview

Dianne is a bona fide nerd. She’s a big Star Wars fan. She’s into cosplay. She enjoys tabletop gaming and recently she has become hooked …

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