Wonder Woman T-Shirts


This is an ever-expanding collection of Wonder Woman t-shirts. Wonder Woman is a superhero who first appeared in 1941. She is an Amazonian princess and the daughter of Hippolyta and Zeus. Wonder Woman was created by William Moulton Marston, and she first appeared in All-Star Comics #8. In her civilian identity, she is Diana Prince, a government agent living in Washington D.C. Wonder Woman’s secret identity is known to only a few people, like her friend Etta Candy and Steve Trevor (the man who crashes on her island).

Wonder Woman has many superpowers, including superhuman strength, speed, agility, reflexes, and durability; near-invulnerability to harm; flight; telekinesis; the ability to generate intense heat beams from her eyes; and the power to heal others with her touch. She also has an arsenal of weapons at her disposal, including the Lasso of Truth which forces anyone caught within it to speak only truthfully), bracelets that can deflect any projectile or energy attack (and can be used as handcuffs), a tiara that fires powerful concussive blasts (and doubles as a throwing weapon), and the Sword of Athena (which can cut through anything).

There are many different types of Wonder Woman t-shirts available for purchase online. Some shirts feature images or quotes from the movie “Wonder Woman,” while others feature classic comic book art or modern designs inspired by Diana Prince’s look in the 2017 film adaptation directed by Patty Jenkins. Whether you’re looking for something subtle or eye-catching, there’s sure to be a Wonder Woman t-shirt that catches your fancy!