Cthulhu T-Shirts


If you are looking for t-shirts featuring H.P. Lovecraft’s most infamous monster then you have come to the right place because there are currently 232 Cthulhu t-shirts on the Shirt List. And there are all types of Cthulhu t-shirts available. While some 0f the tees are straight up monster t-shirts, others are images of Cthulhu that H.P. Lovecraft could never have conceived of. He’s probably rolling in his grave in indignation or perhaps he will rise from the deep when he sees how people have been reimagining his Great Old Ones. There have been movie mashups, video game parodies, Christmas themed, beer labels, sports teams, and even election parodies of Cthulhu. They cater to all types of Cthulhu fans.

Cthulhu is a fictional entity from the mind of writer H. P. Lovecraft and first introduced to the world in the short story “The Call of Cthulhu” which was published in the American pulp magazine Weird Tales in 1928. Considered a Great Old One within the pantheon of Lovecraftian cosmic entities, the creature has since been featured in numerous popular culture references. Lovecraft depicts Cthulhu as a gigantic entity worshiped by cultists. Cthulhu’s appearance is described as looking like an octopus, a dragon and a caricature of a human form.