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Promote your tees for free The Shirt List

You can promote your t-shirts for free on the Shirt List. First though let me tell you how having your t-shirt on the Shirt List is a great way to promote your brand. It’s free and easy to submit. Your t-shirt will automatically be added to relevant lists giving them lots of exposure and making it more likely for people to notice your shirt. Your tees will also appear in searches and we have an amazing search engine that provides useful and accurate results. Most t-shirts are also promoted on the Shirt List Facebook page and many are promoted by Twitter too. We try to include t-shirts from Independent stores in the Shirt List weekly newsletter too! And all that is for free so why would you want to pay for advertising on the Shirt List?

So why should you pay for advertising?

Well, imagine you have submitted 10 t-shirts. While your t-shirts can be seen on tons of list pages it means that there are only 10 pages dedicated to promoting your brand. At the moment there are 22654 t-shirts on the Shirt List and counting. So it’s clear that not every Shirt List visitor will see your t-shirt or notice your brand but through paid advertising you can have your t-shirt or brand promoted on more than 22654 pages. Basically you will be harnessing the power of all the t-shirts on the Shirt List to help promote your brand.

Almost every visitor to the Shirt List is interested in t-shirts. We don’t promote anything else. That means that your brand is being promoted to an highly targeted demographic. Yes, the people who see your banner ads are people who are interested in t-shirts.

Oh, and at about $1 a day, it’s a bargain.

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