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6 thoughts on “Lions Are Smarter Than I Am T-Shirt”

  1. I cannot find this t-shirt in a heather grey with a white lion print (like Phil Miller’s shirt on Last Man on Earth). Does that color combo exist for purchase anywhere? It’s a brilliant drawing.

  2. Thanks for the quick response. I just went ahead and ordered the heather grey long sleeve with the golden lion. Maybe I could use some color in my wardrobe.

  3. It really is. Balanced, organic, intricate, humorous, whimsical. Def my favorite t-shirt I’ve seen on Phil Miller so far. Only halfway through the series though, so might be purchasing more before it’s over. The longer I watch the show, the more covetous I become of his t-shirt collection.

    1. I haven’t seen it yet but it seems they like Threadless t-shirts on that show. I might watch it and do a post on the t-shirts and where to find them. That t-shirt was originally released about 10 years ago. My wife bought it 8 years ago. Threadless is my favorite t-shirt store but I feel they have lost their way recently.

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