Troy and Abed T-Shirt by kgullholmen. Show everyone that you are a fan of Troy and Abed from Community with this Rick and Morty parody t-shirt.

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  1. Hello!
    I have a friend who does way too much for me and I do not do nearly enough. He is obsessed with Rick and Morty and Community. He has artwork of both, car decorations of both, and quotes both all the time. This shirt is amazingly and unbelievably perfect for him. This year has really sucked and he has it rough enough anyway. If there happens to a large sized shirt of this print somewhere, I would love love love to buy it for him. He really deserves it. He is a good person who is working on videos to help encourage other brain injury survivors like him and show how much a person can heal themselves. If he wasn’t so good, I wouldn’t both trying. But he really is.
    Anyway, thank you for your time if you read this and thanks in general for making a really cool shirt. I put a link for the website of the clinic I work in. We do cool stuff with brains here too. Got a weird little brain healing community in Asheville, NC.

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